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Family law: Steps for stepparent adoption

When West Virginia families blend, it is possible that a child may develop a strong relationship with his or her stepparent. This bond can be frustrating because a stepparent typically has no legal rights concerning the children of his or her spouse. While the adoption of a stepchild can be a wonderful option in some cases where the stepparent has already taken on the role of a parent, it involves some difficult elements of family law.

Family law advocates weigh postponing divorce for the children

The consequences of divorce are far-reaching, and many struggling parents question whether it will be the best decision for their families. Of course, there is no cookie-cutter answer, and what is right for one couple may be devastating to another. Family law experts say that while some couples may wonder if staying together is better for the sake of the children, others may find that just the opposite is true.

Back-to-school and family law issues

The first day of the new school year often sets the tone for the months to come. A child who goes off to school in a positive mood may make a good first impression with teachers and attract similarly cheerful friends. A child whose first day of school starts with confrontation and negativity may be too distracted to do well and may even act out. West Virginia parents who have recently dealt with family law issues like divorce and child custody likely understand how tender a child's heart can be and may be looking for ways to make back-to-school a good experience.

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