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3 things to remember about joint custody arrangements

Joint child custody has its challenges, but if you and your spouse want to raise your child together despite your pending divorce, it can work for you. It's important to remember that you'll need to coordinate your schedules, have duplicates of some of your child's items and learn to cooperate even if you have a disagreement.

5 steps to take after you're in a car crash

You knew it was going to happen before the cars touched. You saw the other driver looking down, and you knew she wouldn't look up in time to stop her vehicle from hitting yours. You had nowhere to swerve. If you had, you might have run your vehicle onto the sidewalk or into the other lane, causing other accidents.

What happens after a serious crash with a commercial truck?

One moment, you're driving peacefully down the highway, the next you're stunned and stopped. It takes a few moments to understand what happened. Only when you see the massive truck stopped in the road do you realize that you've been in a crash. After all, you were driving safely, and the truck driver made some kind of mistake, like merging into the lane where you were driving. Now, instead of getting to your destination, you're headed to the hospital, but only after dealing with law enforcement and filing a police report about the accident that just destroyed your vehicle.

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