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Still searching for the root causes of divorce

As long as relationships are made up of people, there will likely be no way to truly predict the causes of marriage breakups. Nevertheless, scientists, sociologists and other researchers seem to enjoy coming up with commonalities among couples who divorce in an effort to understand how to improve relationships and predict their ends. Psychologists and counselors on the front lines of relationship battles hear many of the same complaints from couples seeking their counsel.

According to the data, marriages in trouble may be made up of extremes. For example, a West Virginia couple who never fights may be holding on to deep resentments or may have stopped trying to make the marriage work. They may have given up trying to communicate with each other because they no longer relate on an intimate level. On the other hand, if, when a couple fights, the battle is personal and the argument is meant to wound each other, this may be a sign that the marriage is over.

A spouse may have very high expectations about what marriage is supposed to be, and this may set the scene for disappointment. On the opposite side of the spectrum, a spouse may have such a low opinion of marriage that he or she is unwilling to completely commit to the relationship. In many cases, it is little things, such as neglecting basic acts of respect and kindness, that slowly wear away the strength of a marriage.

Therapy and determination can sometimes bring a couple back from the brink, especially if the decline occurred from overwhelming life events or simply taking each other for granted. However, when a West Virginia marriage has reached its end, a spouse may have many questions about how to protect his or her rights as the divorce proceeds. Seeking advice from an attorney may provide one with a strong advantage.

Source: bustle.com, "13 Habits People Who Get Divorced Often Have In Common", Carolyn Steber, Nov. 30, 2017

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