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December 2017 Archives

Personal injury lawsuit could follow West Virginia crash

Drivers in West Virginia often go to great lengths in an attempt to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers are often unable to avoid those who may be distracted or fail to follow traffic laws and safety recommendation. The exact cause of a recent crash is unclear, but victims could choose to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Considerations when selling real estate to family members

Placing a house on the market is often a stressful project. After all the preparations to make the home attractive to potential buyers, the house may sit on the market for months or longer before a serious offer comes in. Some West Virginia home sellers are fortunate when a family member offers to purchase the house. However, they may question whether the steps they take in this family transaction should be very different from a real estate transaction between strangers.

Family law: Steps for stepparent adoption

When West Virginia families blend, it is possible that a child may develop a strong relationship with his or her stepparent. This bond can be frustrating because a stepparent typically has no legal rights concerning the children of his or her spouse. While the adoption of a stepchild can be a wonderful option in some cases where the stepparent has already taken on the role of a parent, it involves some difficult elements of family law.

Still searching for the root causes of divorce

As long as relationships are made up of people, there will likely be no way to truly predict the causes of marriage breakups. Nevertheless, scientists, sociologists and other researchers seem to enjoy coming up with commonalities among couples who divorce in an effort to understand how to improve relationships and predict their ends. Psychologists and counselors on the front lines of relationship battles hear many of the same complaints from couples seeking their counsel.

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