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November 2017 Archives

Personal injury results from impaired driving

In some areas of West Virginia, pedestrians take great chances crossing the road in ideal conditions. Drivers who are not alert for pedestrians place them at risk of personal injury. Recently, the odds were against a 29-year-old man as he was walking along the shoulder of a local road.

Estate planning is about more than giving away your stuff

Residents of West Virginia may know the importance of preparing their estates for the unavoidable eventuality that they will pass away. Estate planning may involve organizing one's assets, paying down debt and writing a will. If there is a fear of estate taxes or heirs with special needs, a trust may be included. However, many people overlook some important ways in which an estate plan can benefit them while they are still alive.

Real estate deeds must be properly recorded

When purchasing a home or piece of property, the buyers may be overwhelmed with the number of documents and forms they must sign. The transfer of West Virginia real estate is a complicated matter, and in order to ensure the seller has the legal right to the property, careful examination of the title must be made. When this investigation is complete, the seller will sign the deed over to the new owners. However, what happens next?

Family law advocates weigh postponing divorce for the children

The consequences of divorce are far-reaching, and many struggling parents question whether it will be the best decision for their families. Of course, there is no cookie-cutter answer, and what is right for one couple may be devastating to another. Family law experts say that while some couples may wonder if staying together is better for the sake of the children, others may find that just the opposite is true.

Prescription medications make you a less-safe driver

West Virginia is home to many beautiful, scenic cities and mountains. It has fresh air, clean roadways and highway access to Interstates 64 and 77. With easy access to surrounding cities and states, it's no wonder that so many tourists come to the area. The problem with having a busy highway environment is that people may not be familiar with the way the roads are laid out in the state.

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