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Reality real estate shows entertain with a lesson

Most people who watch reality TV understand that much of it is scripted or, at least, staged for maximum drama. Nevertheless, for entertainment value, some programs capture the imaginations of average people, inspiring them to improve their own lives. One type of reality TV that is increasingly popular involves the purchase of real estate in various locations. While all West Virginia house hunters may not be in the market for million-dollar homes, buyers and sellers may learn some valuable information from one such show.

"Real Estate Wars" pits rival real estate agents against each other to find the most luxurious homes for their clients. However, some experts believe there is more than entertainment in this program. From the beginning of the show, one important lesson a viewer gleans is that, even if a seller has worked with a particular agent in the past, this does not mean the seller must use the same agent for future transactions. Every new deal requires a new contract, and without a contract, a seller is free to shop for a different agent.

The program also demonstrates the positive spin agents can put on a negative situation. This is a caution for buyers but an encouragement for sellers of less-than-desirable property. On the other hand, a seller may hold too firmly to an asking price, even when comparable homes are selling for far less. Clients on the show learn the valuable lesson of taking the advice of an expert when listing their homes.

While the West Virginia real estate deals most people undertake may not go as quickly or smoothly as the ones portrayed on a reality TV show, viewers may still be entertained by the process. However, when it comes to actually buying or selling property, having the advice and assistance of an experienced attorney often proves invaluable. An attorney who is dedicated to working toward a successful settlement will be a worthwhile advocate.

Source: realtor.com, "'Real Estate Wars': Here's How Cutthroat Real Estate Can Be", Jeanne Sager, Oct. 9, 2017

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