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Personal injury accident involves 5 victims

Driving on many West Virginia roads requires cautions and patience, especially at night. Because the narrow, often winding roads often intersect heavily wooded areas, drivers may know to remain alert for wildlife after the sun goes down. Above all, what they may hope to avoid is a collision with another vehicle, making them victims of personal injury accidents.

On such a road, a recent accident left five people injured. While details of the accident are sketchy, it seems that one vehicle may have been traveling at a high rate of speed on the narrow, shoulderless road. The driver of the car attempted to pass another vehicle despite a double-yellow line, but collided head-on with a car in the opposite lane. One vehicle came to rest on the banks of a creek over the embankment.

It is not clear which occupants of which vehicles suffered injuries. While no fatalities were reported, the accident resulted in five injured victims, including a child. Emergency responders describe the injuries as moderate to severe.

Moderate to severe injuries from a head-on collision can mean many things. Victims of such accidents may survive with spinal cord injuries or brain damage from head injuries. In any case, the victims of this accident will likely spend considerable time under medical treatment, perhaps including surgeries and rehabilitation. The careless actions of one driver can affect the lives of many. West Virginia motorists who find themselves facing a long recovery due to a personal injury accident may find assistance and advice by contacting an attorney.

Source: wvillustrated.com, "5 Injured, Including 1 Child After Kanawha County Crash", Joseph Fitzwater, Oct. 18, 2017

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