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October 2017 Archives

Communication before divorce may ease transition

Couples considering marriage may have long conversations during which they share their hopes and fears about the future. Psychologists and other marriage experts suggest the same thing should happen when a West Virginia couple decides to divorce. Since divorce can bring many life-long challenges, it is wise to enter the process fully prepared, both emotionally and practically.

Personal injury accident involves 5 victims

Driving on many West Virginia roads requires cautions and patience, especially at night. Because the narrow, often winding roads often intersect heavily wooded areas, drivers may know to remain alert for wildlife after the sun goes down. Above all, what they may hope to avoid is a collision with another vehicle, making them victims of personal injury accidents.

Following the estate planning example of Hugh Hefner

Most people in West Virginia may not hold up Hugh Hefner as a role model. However, those who advocate estate planning certainly feel Mr. Hefner had qualities to emulate. The founder of Playboy Enterprises built a fortune from a few thousand dollars and carefully prearranged for that fortune to provide security for his loved ones.

Reality real estate shows entertain with a lesson

Most people who watch reality TV understand that much of it is scripted or, at least, staged for maximum drama. Nevertheless, for entertainment value, some programs capture the imaginations of average people, inspiring them to improve their own lives. One type of reality TV that is increasingly popular involves the purchase of real estate in various locations. While all West Virginia house hunters may not be in the market for million-dollar homes, buyers and sellers may learn some valuable information from one such show.

Watch for questionable financial actvity in a divorce

Ending a marriage in West Virginia or anywhere around the nation can be a time of uncertainty. Difficult questions are being asked, particularly where finances are concerned. Unfortunately, some people going through a divorce may not be totally forthcoming in the answers given. Financial advisors recommend that those going through a divorce pay close attention to detail where money is involved.

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