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August 2017 Archives

Life insurance premiums and alimony in divorce

When a West Virginia marriage ends, one spouse may be required to pay alimony or life insurance premiums for the other spouse. These types of financial arrangements are made as a divorce is finalized. While the monetary expectations are detailed in the divorce proceedings, some questions regarding finances are likely to arise. One specific issue that should be addressed involves whether life insurance premiums can be counted toward the total amount of alimony payments.

Back-to-school and family law issues

The first day of the new school year often sets the tone for the months to come. A child who goes off to school in a positive mood may make a good first impression with teachers and attract similarly cheerful friends. A child whose first day of school starts with confrontation and negativity may be too distracted to do well and may even act out. West Virginia parents who have recently dealt with family law issues like divorce and child custody likely understand how tender a child's heart can be and may be looking for ways to make back-to-school a good experience.

Estate planning important to Baby Boomers

Many residents in West Virginia and across the country have not given a lot of thought to drafting a will. Thinking about a time when someone will not be around anymore can be an uncomfortable topic. However, statistics show that one generation is more likely to have estate planning documents in place. AARP reports that around 60 percent of Baby Boomers have addressed this issue.

Protect retirement accounts in a West Virginia divorce

Many West Virginia residents work for years to save money for their retirement. Whether through individual retirement accounts or company-sponsored retirement plans, money can often be set aside on a tax-deferred basis. However, tax implications can arise should an individual go through a divorce prior to receiving the contributions from a retirement account. Careful consideration should be given to handling these types of accounts to avoid potential problems with the Internal Revenue Service.

Young parents should consider estate planning early

Many West Virginia residents may seriously begin thinking about their retirement years when their children are older. As children move away from home and begin life of their own, parents often believe that it is time to begin estate planning. However, experts recommend that estate planning begins when children are very young.

5 steps to take after you're in a car crash

You knew it was going to happen before the cars touched. You saw the other driver looking down, and you knew she wouldn't look up in time to stop her vehicle from hitting yours. You had nowhere to swerve. If you had, you might have run your vehicle onto the sidewalk or into the other lane, causing other accidents.

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