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What happens after a serious crash with a commercial truck?

One moment, you're driving peacefully down the highway, the next you're stunned and stopped. It takes a few moments to understand what happened. Only when you see the massive truck stopped in the road do you realize that you've been in a crash. After all, you were driving safely, and the truck driver made some kind of mistake, like merging into the lane where you were driving. Now, instead of getting to your destination, you're headed to the hospital, but only after dealing with law enforcement and filing a police report about the accident that just destroyed your vehicle.

You receive emergency medical services. After your condition is fully stabilized, you start to wonder about how you'll handle these expenses. Your vehicle is demolished and needs to get replaced. You just took a very expensive ride in an ambulance. You've got medical bills already and more on the way. If your injuries are severe, you may not be able to return to work for some time. Suddenly, you've got to worry about paying your mortgage, buying groceries and handling these unexpected medical costs, all without going broke in the meantime.

Truck accidents can completely change your life

You're probably glad that you're still alive, and that's a great starting point. Many people who end up in collisions caused by commercial truck drivers aren't so lucky. Fatal crashes seem to be increasing in recent years. Crashes involving very serious injuries are also unfortunately common. Because of the discrepancy in size and weight between a typical passenger vehicle and a commercial vehicle, the people in the smaller vehicle are at increased risk of death or disabling injury, compared to the driver of the commercial vehicle.

Injuries on their own could be enough to change your life. Broken bones can take weeks or months to heal. If there are multiple breaks or a compound fracture, surgery or implanted rods may be required. In order to regain strength and range of motion, you will probably need physical therapy. For those with head injuries or spinal injuries, it is possible that the injuries will prove to be permanent, leaving you unable to work or even to provide for the daily needs of your life, like washing yourself.

In the wake of a commercial truck accident, you will find yourself dealing with medical bills, car repair expenses and even the loss of your livelihood. You should explore all of your options before committing to anything, especially if the trucking company involved in the crash has offered you a settlement. You need to be certain you are receiving fair compensation for the expenses that you have already incurred and those that will continue to develop as a result of your accident.

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