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Should divorce wait until the children are older?

When a marriage ends, most West Virginia residents likely think first about the impact it has on the couple involved. However, divorce often has a tremendous impact on the children of a couple. Traditional thinking is that it is better to wait until children reach adulthood before spouses decide to divorce. However, experts are weighing in on why that may not be the best decision for a family.

It is important to note that children need to feel secure in their families, no matter how old they are. The belief that college-age students could handle news of their parents' divorce better was widely held. However, family therapists state that the college experience itself is new for those students. They are often leaving home, making new friends and establishing new routines. Many regard coming home on weekends or holidays as a familiar, stable part of their new lives.

When the stability of home life is taken away in a divorce, these older children go through several major life events simultaneously. In addition, older children better understand the implications of their parents' split. They may take on the responsibilities of helping the parents or younger siblings through the process. Emotions and stress levels may run high during this time.

Younger children who witness their parents arguing or fighting are also in a stressful situation. Constant turmoil and fighting in the home can be more harmful than the parents parting ways. Experts also note that young children are often more resilient and may recover from the actual divorce process faster.

Deciding to get a divorce is a major decision, and the timing should be addressed carefully. Seeking the guidance of a West Virginia attorney would be beneficial for anyone contemplating divorce. An experienced lawyer will work with clients to secure the best outcome in the divorce proceedings.

Source: tapinto.net, "Waiting Until Kids Are Older to Divorce?", Maria Sikoutris Di Iori, July 5, 2017

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