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Young bicyclist on life support after personal injury accident

There is probably no greater tragedy than when a parent loses a child in an accident. Whether the child is just beginning to toddle or is standing on the brink of adulthood, a parent may agonize to watch him or her suffering. One West Virginia family is now experiencing a parent's worst nightmare following a personal injury accident late one recent night.

Be prepared for the unforeseen costs of divorce

When a marriage ends in West Virginia or elsewhere around the country, most people think about the emotional impact the split will likely bring. However, many may not consider the financial toll a divorce can have on their lives. While steps can be taken to protect someone's financial position, there may be costs associated with a divorce that are unforeseen.

Make sure beneficiary designations are correct in estate planning

Many West Virginia residents have life insurance policies and accounts at banks, brokerage firms or retirement investment firms. These types of accounts are frequently included in an individual's estate planning portfolio. Financial experts stress the importance of ensuring that one's beneficiary designations for every account is correct and up to date.

Should divorce wait until the children are older?

When a marriage ends, most West Virginia residents likely think first about the impact it has on the couple involved. However, divorce often has a tremendous impact on the children of a couple. Traditional thinking is that it is better to wait until children reach adulthood before spouses decide to divorce. However, experts are weighing in on why that may not be the best decision for a family.

What happens after a serious crash with a commercial truck?

One moment, you're driving peacefully down the highway, the next you're stunned and stopped. It takes a few moments to understand what happened. Only when you see the massive truck stopped in the road do you realize that you've been in a crash. After all, you were driving safely, and the truck driver made some kind of mistake, like merging into the lane where you were driving. Now, instead of getting to your destination, you're headed to the hospital, but only after dealing with law enforcement and filing a police report about the accident that just destroyed your vehicle.

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