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Do you have grounds for a slip-and-fall claim?

If you have recently gotten hurt as a result of tripping, slipping and falling in a store or on someone else's property, there may be plenty of people advising you to just move on and chalk the incident up to clumsiness. 

However, you could very well have grounds to file a legal claim seeking compensation for your injuries, particularly if they are serious. Rather than dismiss your options or assume there is nothing you can do, you would be wise to ask yourself a few questions first.

  1. Were you permitted on the premises? If you were trespassing, then the property owner would not owe you a duty, which is a required element of negligence claims. However, if your status on the property was legal, then you have rights to protect.
  2. Was there any warning of a hazardous condition? Things like puddles, broken railings and obstructed walkways are hazardous conditions that property owners should fix or warn others about once they are aware that they exist. Failure to properly address a known or expected hazard can be evidence of a negligent property owner.
  3. Did you suffer serious injuries as a result of your accident? Some falling injuries are minor and heal fairly quickly, meaning that the damages suffered from an incident are quite minor. However, if injuries are severe, cause chronic pain, make it impossible for you to work, or if they have led to significant pain and suffering, then those damages can be considerable and are worth fighting for.

Depending on how you answer these questions, you may come to realize that filing a lawsuit could be in your best interests.

However, in order to be sure, you could consult an attorney who can advise you of your options and explain what to expect should you take legal action. Talking with someone who is experienced in these claims can be far more helpful than relying on the suggestions of others who may not understand what is at stake.

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