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Divorce rate growing for those over 65

When West Virginia couples or others from around the country have been married over 50 years, the likely assumption is that the marriages are going to last. However, divorce among couples age 65 and older is becoming more common, according to a national research organization. Many of those people who thought their marriages would last forever are now facing life as singles.

Divorce within this demographic is often referred to as a gray divorce. As statistics show that the divorce rate for this age group tripled over the last 25 years, some experts are not surprised by the trend. Often, divorce among seniors is less contentious since many of the hot button issues, such as child custody, are not in play. Some simply want a fresh start as they approach retirement years.

While many couples see divorce as a new beginning, there are still issues to address that come with being married for many years. Jointly-owned assets must be divided equitably. Often, one of the spouses has handled all the financial decisions for the couple. The other spouse may be totally unprepared to begin dealing with money alone.

Other adjustments may come with the decision to divorce. Someone who has lived in a large home as part of a couple may have to downsize to a dwelling more appropriate for one person. Family and friend relationships may also change when a couple is no longer together. Furthermore, a new relationship may still be on the horizon.

Regardless of one's age demographic, it is helpful to seek the guidance of a West Virginia divorce attorney when the decision has been made to end a marriage. An experienced lawyer will explain the complexities of a divorce and develop a unique plan to proceed with the process. Having a strong legal team can help a client achieve the most favorable outcome possible in the divorce proceedings.

Source: New York Post, "This is what divorce looks like after 50 years of marriage", Doree Lewak View, June 14, 2017

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