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Estate planning is a process, not a one-time event

While many West Virginia residents have developed plans for their retirement years, most do not realize the need to periodically review and update the documents. Financial experts stress that estate planning is not something someone can do one time and be done with it forever. An individual's situation can change as could pertinent laws that may affect an estate. It is vital to review an estate plan regularly and avoid several mistakes.

Divorce rate growing for those over 65

When West Virginia couples or others from around the country have been married over 50 years, the likely assumption is that the marriages are going to last. However, divorce among couples age 65 and older is becoming more common, according to a national research organization. Many of those people who thought their marriages would last forever are now facing life as singles.

Avoid issues when estate planning

Most residents of West Virginia and those around the country understand the importance of planning for the future and how their affairs will be handled after death. However, many fail to give estate planning the necessary attention it needs. Many may realize the need and the broad concept of making an estate plan, yet few understand the detailed requirements. This lack of understanding can lead to future issues if not addressed.

Estate planning with no children

West Virginia residents and others throughout the country often make decisions regarding their retirement years. Estate planning may address how assets will be distributed or how health care will be handled should someone become incapacitated. In most instances, an estate and any decision-making authority will be granted to one's children. However, these choices are different for those people with no children or other heirs.

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