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May 2017 Archives

Estate planning isn't something to put off until retirement

A lot of people in West Virginia think that estate planning is something you do when you're farther along in life. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While we all hope for a long and healthy life, you never know when you could develop a severe illness or experience a major accident. If you fail to create a last will or estate plan before this happens, your assets could end up in probate court. Also, your loved ones may not know how to handle financial and medical issues if you become incapacitated for a long period of time or even permanently.

How motorcyclists can stay safe over the Memorial Day weekend

Recently released figures from AAA are projecting that Memorial Day weekend 2017 will see 39.3 million people travel a distance of 50 or more miles, the highest number since 2005. Even more impressive, 88.1 percent of these travelers will be getting to points near and far via the roads and highways.

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