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What you should know when buying land

Buying land is a major investment and large undertaking. Since this is your first property purchase, it is important that you have proper guidance. A real estate professional is often who people turn to for purchasing property. However, a West Virginia attorney may be more effective.

A lawyer can help you with the entire transaction, from a title exam and document preparation to escrow services and loan closing. Now that you are ready to purchase land and build the home you and your family have always dreamed of, there a few things you should consider.

Before you even begin looking at property, you should consider zoning, location, and many other things. Read below for what types of things you should think about when you meet with your real estate professional.


You have heard before that location is everything, and that is true for the most part. Think about what area you and your family want to live in and how much you have to spend on the land. Take into consideration the schools you want your children to attend, how long you intend on commuting for work, and what you can afford in property taxes every year. Prioritize what is most important to you with regard to where you will build your new home.

Can the lot support construction?

Not all land is created equal. Be sure that the lot you want can support a structure. Poor soil can be a problem when it comes time to lay a foundation. Be sure that the topography and soil conditions will meet your needs.

Developed or undeveloped?

You can choose a lot that is developed, meaning that there are roads to make it accessible and the utility company has already laid power lines. You also have the option of choosing a lot that is undeveloped, which means you will be responsible for contracting with the utility company for power lines and hiring someone to build a road. You may also have to contract for a septic system.

If you choose to purchase land that has been undeveloped, consider the extra costs before you make an offer. Excavating and clearing the land can add a substantial amount to the total cost of building your home.

Have a survey done

When you are looking at an empty lot, there should be clear indicators of the property's boundaries. Even if the land is clearly marked, look at an existing survey or have a new one conducted. You need to know the boundaries of the property in order to build your house on the proper spot.

You should consider many other things before you purchase land to build your home. Take the time to find out about zoning, permits, liens, and restrictive covenants before you make an offer on a piece of property.

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