What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

At Justin Raber Attorney at Law, we know that the time after an accident is overwhelming and confusing. Most people are unsure of their rights or the steps they need to take. While every personal injury case is different, there are some things you can do after a car accident to preserve evidence and protect your rights.

Take Photos

Take photos of the accident scene, including damage to your car, deployed air bags, the other person's car, the condition of the roads and the intersection or position of the cars. Also remember to take photos of your injuries, including head wounds, scrapes and bruises and be sure to document the progression of your injuries.

Get The Names And Contact Information For Witnesses

If anyone was present at the accident, such as pedestrians or other drivers, and stopped to help, ask for their contact information. They may be important later on in litigation to help establish fault.

Go To The Doctor

Injuries may seem minor, but could actually be symptoms of something more serious. Make sure you see a doctor right away if you think you have a car crash injury. Make sure that all of the necessary tests — such as X-rays and CT scans — are ordered. If you need to see a specialist, make sure you do so. Medical records will be paramount when building your personal injury case.

Do Not Talk To Insurance Claims Adjusters

Claims adjusters will contact you soon after your accident asking for your account of what happened and the extent of your injuries. Do not answer their questions until you've consulted with a lawyer. This includes the claims adjuster from your own insurance company. Insurance companies want to settle your case for as little money as possible. Everything you tell them will be filed away and used later to justify a low settlement offer.

Contact An Attorney

It's hard to know your legal rights and options without the advice of a lawyer — especially if you have severe pain after a car accident. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to handle every aspect of your case so you can focus on your recovery.

Our firm has been serving St. Marys, West Virginia, and the surrounding communities since 1996. We have seen, firsthand, the impact car accidents have on our clients' lives — and their families. We are here to help you get the compensation you need.

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