When Circumstances Change, We Can Help

When you first resolve your divorce it can feel satisfying to move forward. You may have carefully considered your custody arrangement and parenting time schedule thinking you have it all figured out. But what happens if your circumstances change?

When drafting an agreement in a family law proceeding, the parties, the judge and the attorneys work hard to make sure the order outlines all the major issues. Most agreements even include what will happen if circumstances change and what method the parties will use to resolve the issues, such as mediation.

However, few orders predict exactly what is to come down the road. One or both of the parties may remarry, you may change jobs and income, you may need to change custody, the children may have an interest in time-consuming extracurricular activities or a party may want to move. When you encounter a change in circumstances, you need the advice of a skilled lawyer to help guide you through modifying your order.

We Can Pursue Enforcement Of Court Orders

In some cases, nothing has changed since the entry of the order but the other party will not comply with the order. In circumstances of noncompliance or outright disobedience of an order, we can help pursue contempt motions and other appropriate action to get the party to abide by the terms of your order.

Often post-decree issues come up with child support or other financial obligations. However, other issues regarding transfer of property, custody or visitation may also be present. At Justin Raber Attorney at Law, we can help you evaluate the appropriate strategy that fits your circumstances.

Call Us For Guidance With Modifications And Enforcement Issues

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